About Yango

Yango established in 1995, is a large investment holding company gathering environmental protection, education, real estate, finance, international trade and investment. In 2020, Yango ranked the 354th among Fortune Global 500.


Fujian Longking Co., Ltd. (600388.SH)

A leading enterprise in China’s environmental protection industry. Focusing on R&D and application in environmental protection industry, it has developed into an integrated enterprise that promotes the progress of environmental consultation and monitoring, system solution provision, high-end equipment manufacturing, pollution control and smart operation of environmental protection. It has won 4 national science and technology progress awards, owned 1165 patents, and formulated and participated in the compilation of 127 national and industry standards, in which process it played a leading role.

Yango Education Group

Always setting up high-quality and high-standard schools with self-high requirements. In 19 provinces across the country, it holds more than 40 private primary and secondary schools, over 200 high-class kindergartens, and 1 independent undergraduate university --YanGo University.

Yango Group (000671.SZ)

A green real estate operator with high growth. Boasting a sales of 218.011 billion in 2020, it ranked among the top 15 real estate companies in China. It has been awarded the first place in operational efficiency of Chinese real estate companies and won China's Best Employer of the Year for many years. 

Yango Finance

The largest private shareholder of Industrial Bank and initiator of the founding of OneBank and YanGo Securities. It forges a comprehensive financial service platform based on wealth management, asset management, consumer finance, financial technology, internet finance and other services.

Yango International Trade

A provider for international commodity supply chain service integrating investment, trading, logistics, warehousing and information services. It trades with companies at home and abroad in energy, non-ferrous metals, chemical products, mechanical and electrical products, light industry electronics, textiles and garments.

Yango Investment

Investing in many firms including Loyal Valley Capital (LVC), Three Gorges Jinshi Fund, Xingzheng Saifu Fund, China Growth Capital, Star-net (Stock Code: 002396), etc.; investing in cultivating new fields under YanGo, such as medical care, rehabilitation and old-age care, etc.