Fujian Longking Co., Ltd.
A leading environmental protection enterprise in China


Fujian Longking Co., Ltd. is the leading enterprise in environmental protection industry in China, as well as the largest manufacturer of air pollution protection equipment in the world. After 50 years of focusing on research and development and application in the field of environmental consultation and monitoring, it has developed into a "five-in-one" eco-environmental comprehensive enterprise integrating environmental monitoring, system solution provision, high-end equipment manufacturing, pollution control and environmental protection intelligent operation. Longking has successively introduced the most advanced environmental protection technologies from famous foreign companies in the United States, Germany, Japan and Switzerland. Through introduction, digestion, absorption and re-innovation, the technology level of Longking is in the leading position in China, and some technologies have reached the current international leading level. Longking's product sales has ranked top in the industry in China for more than 10 years.

Business Layout

On the basis of putting emphasis on business of air pollution control, Longking has continuously enriched its business and transformed itself into an eco-environmental comprehensive enterprise.

• Development in environmental testing

In the field of environmental consultation and monitoring, it has the ability to provide comprehensive management services as environmental third party such as environmental consultation, monitoring and testing, offering one-stop "environmental butler" service in the whole process for the government, parks and enterprises.

• Progress in air pollution protection

Longking boasts lots of world-leading technologies and dozens of internationally advanced technologies. It makes independent research and development of the world's first dry ultra-clean technology and equipment to achieve a package solution of multi-component pollutants in flue gas and realize near zero emission. With the international leading technology level, the industrial flue gas application performance ranks first in the world.

• Improvement in solid waste treatment

Longking has engaged in the fields of waste incineration, power generation, kitchen waste treatment, waste landfill, hazardous waste treatment, etc.

• Dedicated to water pollution control

Longking is committed to the treatment of industrial wastewater and municipal sewage and provide a package of solutions and housekeeping services. Its New World Environmental Protection Company is a leading manufacturer of ozone generators and ultraviolet disinfection equipment in China, occupying more than 50% of the market share in the field of municipal sewage disinfection.

• Devoted to soil and ecological restoration

Longking pays much attention to petroleum, chemical and pesticide electroplating industries and focuses on fields of heavy metal pollution in farmland and comprehensive treatment of mines. It is committed to providing one-stop integrated restoration scheme and comprehensive treatment of "mountains, rivers, forests, fields, lakes and grasses".

• Take the lead in smart environmental protection

Longking is the first to successfully operate the project of smart environmental protection island in China. It uses technologies such as the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence to collect the operation data of the environmental protection island and related equipment in the upstream and downstream, thus effectively saving energy and reducing consumption. The optimal control system of intelligent environmental protection island won the "2019 Industrial Internet Application and Best Practice Application Award".

Management Status

In 2019, it reached an operating revenue of 10.935 billion Yuan, a year-on-year increase of 16.3%. The net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed companies was 851 million yuan, up 6.22% year on year.

In 2019, it obtained new orders with a value of 14.84 billion yuan, and the outstanding contracts were worth 19.48 billion yuan.

The Belt and Road

Fujian Longking Co., Ltd. is a leading enterprise in the domestic environmental protection industry and an internationally renowned manufacturer of atmospheric environmental protection equipment. In recent years, Longking has vigorously expanded "the Belt and Road" market. A number of projects have successfully entered the international market and won high praise from users. These include dust removal equipment for units 1 and 2 of Pakistan's 2×660MW newly-built SaChivard Power Station, which is the first large-scale energy project in the China-Pakistan economic corridor, electric bag dust collectors, ash transportation, pipe belt transportation system for 2×660MW units in Phase III of Turkey's Zetas Power Plant designed and supplied according to EU standards, 1050MW units in Indonesia's Java Power Plant, flue gas desulfurization system for 2×150MW units in Phase II of Tajikistan's Dushanbe Power Plant, and desulfurization system for 2×150MW units in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

Today, more than 40 countries and regions along the "the Belt and Road ", including Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Vietnam, are using Longking's environmental protection equipment, with a market share of about 25%. Besides, Taiwan Formosa Plastics has used environmental protection equipment to implement "chimney whitening" and ultra-clean emission renovation, 85% of which are from Longking. In the future, Longking will further strengthen its research and development, innovate management mode, increase investment in the field of ecological restoration, thus moving towards a broader international stage along the "the Belt and Road" and making "Chinese Green and Intelligent products" go global.

Advanced Technologies

Longking puts emphasis on developing advanced technologies and takes the lead in innovation and creation. All technologies of its products have reached the international advanced level and some of them even reached the international leading level. Longking boasts a number of new atmospheric environmental protection technologies with independent intellectual property rights, has won four national science and technology progress awards, and has been titled the "Single Champion Demonstration Enterprise of Manufacturing Industry" recognized by The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Longking also possesses a number of national science and technology innovation platforms, more than 100 national and local science and technology innovation projects, 1100 authorized patents, and makes over 120 national and industrial standards.

Behind the technological leadership lies the intellectual support of more than 2,000 "super brains". Longking has recruited a large number of famous domestic experts and overseas talents, and has formed a research and development echelon with top experts as research leaders, advanced environmental protection technology as backbone and young technicians as main body. Up to now, Longking has more than 2,200 scientific and technical talents, including and other industries, international experts from the United States, Japan, Germany and Australia, professors and senior engineers, and technicians with master's degrees.