Yango Group
Top 13 In China's Real Estate Industry
A Green Real Estate Operator With High Growth


Yango Group, a green real estate operator with high growth, is established by Yango which is among Fortune Global 500. It is committed to using high-quality products and services to promise customers a service beyond expectations, employees a platform for self-achievement and shareholders a cause of bright future. In 2012, Yango Group began its nationwide development. From taking root in Fujian to making arrangement across the country, from an enterprise with sales of over 10 billion to that of 100 billion, it has achieved high-quality growth at a high speed. By the end of 2020, Yango Group achieved annual sales of 218.011 billion with blossoming in over 100 cities of the country and providing nearly 300 well-built projects. It boasted total assets of 346.1 billion with land reserve worth 600 billion and ranked top 15 real estate companies in China.

Management Strategy

Focusing on the strategic development goal of "expanding scale and improving quality", Yango Group has established a clear development path. It reshapes organizational functions through strategic organization, integrates investment, marketing, operations, contracts, commerce and other business lines, thus expanding enterprise scale. Yango Group consolidates basic development functions such as research and development, engineering, property and construction, and comprehensively pushes forward the implementation of quality strategy. Relying on a complete functional strategy, its financial, human and legal departments are making concerted efforts to realize organizational process with an efficient system and to protect the development of enterprises. At the same time, it makes full use of information technology, ensures the efficiency of organization operation and decision-making, and lays a solid foundation for the large-scale development of the company. 

Ingenious Products

Quality Project is the most important project of Yango Group. This project covers housings from the classic series of "Tan" and "Yue" to the advanced and beautiful series of "Fu", "Yujing" and "Wenlan", to the fashionable series "Feili" and "Lijing". Yango Group pays tribute to every city with ingenuity and returns people's trust with quality. 


In 2018, Yango Group started a harsh product campaign and launched a new residential product strategy – Green Smart Home. Green Smart Home is a strategy based on the healthy China 2030 policy, the current situation of real estate residential products and the demand trend of contemporary human settlements. Externally, Yango Group has kept in-depth cooperation with Tsinghua Alumni Real Estate Association and Shanghai Institute of Architectural Science in the formulation of healthy housing standards, indoor air pollution solutions, indoor light environment and construction of healthy water, research and development of smart communities and smart families. Internally, relying on the Group's profound scientific and technological foundation, it integrates various departments of design, recruitment, brand, engineering, property, and realizes a comprehensive solution of the whole chain through the information management of material warehouse and construction technology.